Stellar Service ———————— Trusted Resellers with a System

Like most of you, we started out as resellers on Amazon, eBay, etc... and I guess we still are!

We have created custom software and built out many processes to handle tens of thousands of units per month. We resell items through 6+ channels because of the variety of category, product condition, and quantity we have to deal with.

However, unlike other liquidation systems (ahem ahem... Amazon we see you) , we never sell as "New" on Amazon. You trust us with your inventory at a great price and you can rely on us to not compete with you on the Buybox.

Benefts in Partnering with Stellar Services


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Our Mission to Liquidate your products from anywhere at attractive payouts.

What Are The Main Vision Of Stellar Service?

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Work with Stellar and get access to all of our custom tools for inventory management... or, honestly, just let us do the work for you.

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