Consignment Program-

- Our process is to resell all valuable items individually on multiple online platforms, and send the rest of the items to be sold in bulk to wholesale buyers or discount store/ auction partners. This system is the best solution to balance the desire to maximizing recoverable value while making sure all items can be sold in a reasonable time frame regardless of quantity, quality, or value.

- When a sale is made, SSO calculates "Net Sales" by taking total revenue and subtracting all typical selling fees (ie shipping costs like freight and shipping supplies, marketplace and local sale partner fees, and estimated cost of returns).

- SSO's Selling Fee is equal to 50% of the "Net Sales", so the client will be paid 50% of the net sales.

Here is an example:

Item ID

Sales Channel

Total Revenue

Cost of Shipping

Platform Selling Fees

Other Direct  Costs (packaging, shipping to FBA, etc)

Net Sales

SSO Consignment Fee

Client Payout






 $                                                   -  





Amazon FBA


 $                        -  







Amzon FBM









Whatnot Auction


 $                        -  


 $                                                   -  





Discount Store Consignment


 $                        -  


 $                                                   -  




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